Age Management: a Virtual Market Place for mutual learning in the service sector

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In consideration of the rapid ageing of the population, it has been said that “it is never too old to build a future”. Based on this saying, the project aimed at governing age management in a proactive way based on proposals. New strategies in the human resources management were introduced, by experimenting original skills transfer strategies, by establishing opportunities of dialogue across all different ages. Four actions were developed: Documentary and statistical analysis of workers and enterprises; Testing activities within the company, the network and the territory; Monitoring, evaluation and mainstreaming; Guidelines addressed to the various stakeholders. The project developed a few instruments for spreading and understanding the age management process, by involving institutions, policy makers, companies and trade unions, in order to enhance the importance of older people, to train young people, to develop the company and, last but not least, to tackle the age management issue within the broader context of the Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR.




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